iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 2024 Crack + License Key

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iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 2024 Crack is designed to help users who have forgotten their Windows login password regain access by creating bootable USB drives or CD/DVDs that allow users to bypass standard Windows login screens and reset passwords directly from those bootable drives or discs.

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is an innovative program created to recover forgotten passwords for local accounts, domain accounts (on non-domain joined PCs), administrator accounts, and Microsoft accounts used for signing into Windows. It supports numerous operating systems ranging from the most modern Windows 11 down to earlier versions like XP.

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Full Crack is an advanced program for resetting Windows passwords without losing data, quickly resetting forgotten, lost user, and administrator passwords on any system without losing them all at once. Plus, its unlock capability enables password-protected computers without needing reinstallation should your administrator password become inaccessible after forgetting, this tool provides two solutions to gain entry back onto it!

Isumsoft Windows Password Refixer Crack Download must first remove the administrator password before creating a new administrator account. You should download this utility onto a different computer before burning it to a USB drive for boot up on any unreachable PCs that cannot use their logins anymore using it as instructed above. Those with forgotten Windows device passwords have many solutions at their disposal for retrieving both device and password quickly; this app adds one more for quicker results!

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 2024 Crack + License Key

Download iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Crack Windows 10

Allow iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Full Crack to help create a new computer profile. Nimsoft Windows password fixer doesn’t invade your PC as some malicious applications do instead, it enables you to establish a new profile to regain access if your previous one was forgotten; until that point you may use your computer until either recalling your former password, contacting Microsoft directly through it’s registry, resetting/ reformatting using that new profile, or reformatting entirely using that profile as soon as it returns whatever works!

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 2024 Crack + Serial Key Download

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer License Key helps protect your password against hackers by creating strong passwords for Mac OS X systems that you use with this application. iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Activation Key can assist in creating secure passwords that will be difficult to hack or crack. iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is an outstanding way to safeguard against hacking into your Mac OS X computer since you can create a strong password which is harder for hackers or breakers to penetrate in its security options with this activation key tool. Clicking “Store,” “Puff,” Map,” Pass” on iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer allows you to make this password. Furthermore, using its external USB Drive password generation feature you’re also able to set a unique one with ease!

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 2024 Crack + Product Key Free

To reset the password on the iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer program, connect via USB, open up the iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Crack for Windows saved file with the new admin password, and press CTRL + Z to remove the password from iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Crack For Windows application and press CTRL + Z again to erase password from it altogether and make any required reconnection and follow on-screen directions and follow steps until server settings can be reset correctly then restart the computer; finally, connect your MacOSX application and use new admin password without worry or being breached!


  • Resetting Local Administrator Password in Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista.
  • Reset local user passwords on Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista systems
  • Windows 11/10/8 users may reset their Microsoft Account password.
  • Reset the local password on Windows Server 2022/2019/16/2016/2017/2018 2012 2008 2003 2000 and NT servers.
  • Windows provides users and domain administrators the capability to reset passwords that protect both of them from access to specific resources in a network domain.
  • Create a new Administrator account within the system.
  • Make a password recovery CD/DVD.
  • Password recovery plan. USB Memory stick
  • Windows 11/10/8/7 and Server 2022/2019/2016 are fully supported platforms.
  • Local/domain accounts, administrator/user accounts, and Microsoft accounts are supported.
  • Allows you to set up a new administrator account without entering Windows itself.
  • Experience working with desktop and laptop computers such as HP, Acer, Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo is essential.
  • User Friendly: Simply follow the onscreen instructions; only a few clicks are necessary, and no computer expertise is needed!
  • 100 Percent Recovery Rate: Resetting passwords will always succeed 100% of the time.
  • Guaranteed Safety and Security: No data loss or destruction can ever take place when using a non-shell window.
  • Resetting Instantaneously: Resetting Windows passwords can be accomplished quickly without waiting in line or being inconvenienced by delays in service providers.

What’s new In?

  • Create a new Administrator account within your system.
  • Microsoft Account password changes have now been made possible with support being added for changing their account passwords.
  • Comparable to its predecessor, the user interface has been greatly simplified.
  • Now it is easier than ever before to establish new administrator accounts.
  • Fixes for bugs. Faster and more secure performance. Multiple minor enhancements were implemented as well.


  • This kit is lightweight and takes only minutes to put together.
  • As you use iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer, it guides you step by step through each process.
  • Recover Lost Passwords: One of the main advantages of iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is its ability to recover or reset forgotten passwords if they become locked out due to being forgotten, while traditional methods like password hints or recovery questions do not offer solutions. This could save the day if this situation arises!
  • Multiple Recovery Methods: This software offers several password recovery methods tailored specifically for different scenarios.
  • Relatively Simple to Use: This software features a user-friendly interface that guides users through the password recovery process, making it even accessible for non-technical users who may regain access to their computers by following these simple instructions.
  • Time-Saving: If your computer has become inaccessible due to viruses or spyware, iSumsoft could save time compared to having to reinstall its operating system or seek professional assistance.


  • Even when paying to have your password removed, this doesn’t always work as intended.
  • iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer does not work on devices running Windows 10.
  • Security Risk: Bypassing passwords undermines the protection measures designed to secure both your computer and data and malicious actors could exploit such tools to gain entry to computers unknowingly or illicitly. Therefore, any software downloaded using these must mean only be installed onto authorized devices belonging to themselves and themselves alone.
  • Limitations in Free Version of iSumsoft: Unfortunately, the free version of iSumsoft only offers limited features; for example, changing the passwords of Active Directory users requires upgrading to Pro.
  • Chance of Data Loss: While using password recovery tools may result in unintended data loss, even though iSumsoft claims its methods are safe; nonetheless there may still be risk involved if something goes awry during the recovery process.
  • Boot Issues: When creating a bootable USB drive, be aware of potential conflicts with the boot sequence settings in BIOS before moving forward with it.
  • Technical Skills Required for Certain Methods: While the program was created to be user friendly, certain processes like using a bootable USB drive require technical know-how for proper execution.

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Serial Key


iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Keygen 2024


iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer Registration Code


System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista/XP.
  • Server versions 2016/2012/2008/2003 (both 32-bit and 64-bit variants are supported ).
  • Processor: At minimum, an Intel or AMD CPU with at least 1 GHz processing speeds should be installed for optimal performance, though for optimal results 2.4GHz processors should be preferred.
  • RAM requirements (minimum): 128MB with recommended 1GB storage of free hard disk space of 100 MB available on disk.

How To Install it?

  • Download: Visit or another reliable source and download an installation file.
  • After installation, launch iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer and follow its on-screen instructions for creating a bootable reset disk or resetting the flash drive. Follow all onscreen prompts until your media is bootable!
  • Boot Your Locked Computer: Once the bootable USB or CD/DVD is prepared, insert it into your locked computer and restart to ensure that its USB/CD drive boots first when starting up the PC. Depending on your manufacturer, pressing various keys during startup (F12/Del etc) may allow access to BIOS settings which allows adjusting of boot priority setting accordingly.
  • Resetting Your Password: Once your computer boots from a bootable media, iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer will launch, allowing you to choose any locked user accounts and reset their passwords by following its instructions.

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